Travel Blog: #fedjasbalkan – a Photographic journey of my birth country

2 Million eyes on the former Yugoslavia: @wisslaren & @felecool explore #fedjasbalkan From May 12th to 19th 2016 I drove across Europe down to the former Yugoslavian countries of Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia on a photographic journey with my friend @wisslaren/ Christoffer Collin from Sweden. The purpose of our trip was to show my friend my land of origin and explore some of the many photographic sights together, and share it all with the world on Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook. We named the journey #Fedjasbalkan as a reference to some of the areas, that I especially enjoy from this region.   We only had a short week to visit and photograph as much of the former Yugoslavia as possible and unfortunately did not make it to the eastern part of the former Yugoslavia, so Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia remains unexplored. More about the Project and us: Click to read the Official Press Release for the project.   As some of you may know, Christoffer Collin – or Chris, as I call him – and I have been friends for some years now. We are both Instagramers and photographers and met back in 2013 on an Instagram project in Israel. Since then, we have […]